The best solution for entrepreneurs, fully scalable, you can start with a single agent and reach up to 500 in a few adjustments...


Powerful tool for the management of sales and customers, the platform sends reminders to your mail of all your meetings and much more !!!


The best quality in audio + 100% connectivity, special routes for call center at wholesale prices $ 0.006 ...


Do you have a product and need to sell? Do operating costs go out of your budget? Do you know that outsourcing is the solution but you are afraid to make international deals? Don't worry, leave your project in our hands and just wait to see one sale after another, our team has the best gurus in business and you don't need to worry anymore!


Do you need hosting for your web page, Email applications, call center Dialers, Online Games, data management applications? Stop your search now !!! Security and stability we offer you with our hosting servers


Full DNC free data for more than 50 Telemarketing projects, good connectivity at the best price of the market !

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